Things to Do in Mount Abu. (Activities in Mount Abu)

(1) Camping In Mount Abu – Camping is perhaps the best way of enjoying the wonders of nature given to Mount Abu. It suits best to all nature lovers seeking some relaxing days out of clamorous and busy city life. Hills of Mount Abu offer some best Camping Adventure zone where you recline in nature's lap in most peaceful way. Our camp site is cradled in the hills of the Arawali Mountains. The variety of vegetation found in hills adds grandeur to the landscape. Live bar-b- que and hot sizzlers, Crackling campfires, nights in tents, living in the solitude close to the nature has its own pleasure and peace.

For camping in Mount Abu you can carry your own gear along or simply call us on 0851 123 4444 for assistance to arrange a well planned camping for you.

(2) Mount Abu Eco Tour – Get ready to change your boring routine life style for the most cherishing moments of waking up to the chirping birds instead of the alarm clock, ride horses in place of noisy vehicles, feed on the sizzling
barbecues around bonfires without watching the idiot box.

Take a break from the concrete jungle and escape into the lap of nature. On an Eco Tour to Mount Abu, you will experience the true eco-tourism values like sensitivity to the environment, active participation in conservation efforts, education, and support for natives.

Mount Abu offers excellent options for Eco Tourism. Eco tourism in Mount Abu is the best option to take a break from the routine caged life in concrete jungles to the eternal paradise in the lap of Mother Nature.

Ecotourism in Mount Abu has taken off in a big way because Mount Abu has many off beaten paths and destinations known for their natural beauty and exquisite landscape. Mount Abu is one of the greenest destinations in India.

At Eco Tour to Mount Abu guests are escorted into the jungle where they can stay overnight in a jungle lodge to absorb the ambience of this wild world. You can expect to see leopards, giant Gaur, Blackbuck, Chital, Crocodile, Porcupine, Eagles, Wild Dog, Sambar, sloth bear and a multitude of butterflies and birds. We will certainly follow the trails, tracking the pug marks.

We take the heat out of India' for those unwilling to suffer too much culture shock or share their bed with wildlife; but you don’t get five star luxury, even though the service is personal and the time with us is geared to your specific wishes – whether you crave tranquility or scenery, birdlife or animal life, we can help you achieve your own dreams.

We promise our tourists a visit full of fun and unforgettable moments.
2000 HRS.

(3) Mount Abu Trekking & Hiking – Trekking in Mount Abu offers enormous opportunity for the travelers to mingle with the nature. When you happen to visit places in their undisturbed beauty and relishing scenic surroundings, you will be enslaved and enthralled by their breathtaking sceneries. There are some hidden pleasures and even some pristine ones still away from the eyes of their tourists. All that it takes to get going is a love for the nature, expectation of the unexpected and a willingness to rough it out. Your tour to Mount Abu will be spiced up while tramping through Rocky Mountains, coniferous jungle, Rolling Meadows and dense forests.

Highlights of the treks include an ayurvedic tour of the healing plants of Mount Abu & seeing the stunning wildlife in a safe manner. Wildlife includes the sloth bear, panther, cheetah and wild boar. For bird lovers there are many species unique to this region, including the Grey Jungle Fowl, Chuckoos, Kingfishers, Flamingos (they are migrating from Siberia) and Owls. It is not safe to walk unguided.

The treks range from an easy 3-4 hour walk, a half day moderate trek, an all day adventure and an overnight trek where you can sleep in the caves that the "Rishis" (holy men) used to meditate in. The views are stunning and the experience is very spiritual for many travelers. For those fascinated by the unexplored, the mountain ranges of ARAWALI offer breathtaking and enthralling trekking routes. Mount Abu regions occupy the central place, with
special points of interest for the trekker.

To assure a quality service and safety purpose, it is more advisable to make the trekking programs through ECO Adventures.

(4) Adventures in Mount Abu – Got bored with intolerable staidness in your life and it seems to you as if life has come to a fix! Take an adventure tour to Mount Abu with us and explore the exciting activities that will fill your holiday with unforgettable thrill. Opening its avenues as an excellent destination for adventure, and the pristine nature sites. Mount Abu hails you to be explored.

Whether you are an expert researcher, adventurous dare devil, nature admirer,
watchful photographer or amateur adventure seeker, there are many exciting moments for everyone that will keep your heart racing and mind demanding more and more.

Mount Abu is the ultimate adventure holiday destination with its deep forest and high Rocky Mountains for those who love to do Rock Climbing, Trekking, Hiking, Camping in Wilderness, Wild life and bird watching in their natural
habitat, parasailing or Gliding. Dense forests, craggy terrain, and trials makes it a paradise for the trekkers and ideal to be discovered by jeep safaris, horse safari.

Adventure tours in Mount Abu provide huge scope for the adventure tourist as they cater remarkable experiences for all those who want to play in the arms of nature and want to see how man and nature have flourished together, let the adventures sparks in your heart fly…… in MOUNT ABU.

Adventure is as exciting and revitalizing as you make it and the thrill doubles if
Rajasthan Ecotourism organizes it for you.

(5) Village Tour in Mount Abu

The villages around Mount Abu are a snapshot in time. People still live in the traditional manner growing their own food & producing Rajasthan traditional shoes and clothes. Special features include the Rajasthani sand pot, the Marvadi turban, and corn chapattis and curries that are delicious to eat.

At village tour in Mount Abu we will check a real image of an Indian village, where people live in much the same way as their ancestors did generations ago. The approach to the village is through a track, which passes across the huge Rocky Mountains and green forest. It seems as if all the five elements of nature are trying to take you in their care. If you are searching for some relaxing days out of clamorous and busy city life, a village tour of Mount Abu is a perfect plan to recline in natures lap in most peaceful way.

The village falls under zero pollution area. The peaceful environment and cool atmosphere is unmatched. Houses are still standing from the 13th Century. Ghee is still churned by hand, and wheat is picked and milled freshly for the renowned Rajasthan Roti. Olives are grown for virgin olive oil. Many children will follow you around and play. A heart warming experience.

At your delight, we feel proud to state that we are the pioneers to promote village tourism in Mount Abu. Plan a successful village tour to Mount Abu with us to treasure some unforgettable moments, to be carried through out life.

(6) Boating at Nakki Lake – An evening with your mate which would be desired by one and all, will make it more perfect by having a boating in the “Shikara” under the open sky of very closed look towards nature, the ducks are paddling behind the boat which tempts you to think why doesn’t the time gets freezed. Boating experience at Nakki Lake is as good as in “Dull Lake of Kashmir.”Boating would be more fun as you should never forget to carry a
popcorn bag with you to feed the ducks and the fishes as it is believed that feeding them can make your dream come true.