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Trekking Schedules

High Rocky Mountains – Deep Valleys, stunning views, lush green foliage of dense forest, creping birds, and singing breeze is sure to offer peace and relaxation to anybody seeking solitude and want to unwind with nature. Mount Abu with its rich natural beauty invites you to savor the taste of its maiden nature. Come plan a trekking and hiking trip with leading name of Adventure Activity Planner of Mount Abu – Eco Adventures. Our Professional and Experienced Nature Guides will help you scoring a memorable experience and trip while in Mount Abu. Varying from Simple, Moderate and Difficult Treks we offer experience for all ages of people with different fitness level. Only
requirement is a desire of being one with nature leaving all your worries & pressure behind, only requirement is a desire to spend some time in lap of Mother Nature.

The treks range from an easy 3-4 hour walk, a half day moderate trek, an all-day adventure and an overnight trek where you can sleep in the caves that the "Rishis" (holy men) used to meditate in. The views are  stunning and the experience is very spiritual for many travelers. For those fascinated by the unexplored, the  mountain ranges of ARAWALI offer breathtaking and enthralling trekking routes.

Few Popular Routes

Easy 2 – 4 Hours Trek –

(1) Balleys Walk – 2 Hrs. easy trek offers panoramic views of deep valleys, huge mountains, grain fields of plain and Banas river near the horizon. It’s a 2 Hr. trek starting from the banks of Nakki Lake and finishing at Sunset point. During the days of East India Co. rule, British Commander Sir Balleys use to have a daily evening walk through the trek. Passing through the dense forest Balleys Walk is a good option for visitors wants to savor nature with a short trek experience.

(2) Jahangir Point – If you desire to walk through the forest with minimal high hill climbing experience this is an ultimate option. While passing through the trek one can witness variety of flora. It’s a 2 Hr. Trek takes you up to the huge natural display of Rocky Craigs which looks to be set mysteriously. Watching sunset from this point is a ultimate experience.

(3) Kodra Dam – Located in the high hills of Aravalli Mountains this is the highest dam in lap of Aravalli Range and is one of the main sources of water supply for Mount Abu. Surrounded all over with Rocky Mountains and dense forest it offers a great walking trek near and around it.

(4) Shanti Shikhar – Shanti literally means Peace and Shikhar means Peak. The place is equally wonderful as the name. Climbing a high Mountain one can reach this point wrapped with a strong layer of peace. At this point one can feel solitude experience a different world. To complete this trek you can start early morning at dawn or in evening 3 Hrs. before the sunset. While returning back you can also visit the shine of Godess Durga – Adhar Devi (One of the 51 Shakti Peeth). This treks suite people with some walking stamina.

(5) Bhuma Point – This is a point which can be conquered after climbing a hill for 50 – 60 Min. From the top you can get a magnificent view of valley and see the horizon. At Bhuma there is a rock platform where matured sages use to meditate for hours. Call us to experience the spiritual touch of nature.

Moderate Treks 4 – 6 hrs.

(1) Table Rock – This is the most popular trekking route of Mount Abu. Passing through dense forest and dark narrow caves this trek is full of thrill and adventure. After climbing two mountain ridges for approximately 2 Hrs. where you reach is simply a reward to your hard work. Deep Valley view and high walls of rock with a far distinct view of plain fields and small villages is nothing less trek will surly memorized and cherished threw out the life. Trek to Table Rock will definitely add spice to your trip to Mount Abu.

(2) Sidhha Rock – As the name suggests this is a flat boulder that has natural force which add up to quality of meditation so is used by numerous of sages for upliftment of their spiritual journey. At some point it looks like a Giant Lion resting on the edge of a mountain and offers you an opportunity to step on his head and feel the thrill and adventure at the highest. Sidhha Rock can be reached by crossing a gentle trek approximately 5 Kms long passing through dense forest at the spur of Mountain.

(3) Palanpur Point – This is the second highest peak of Aravali Mountain Range. One can see the distinct city of Palanpur (Gujarat State) from the top of the mountain. The trek to Palanpur Point is 4 Kms long from the road end and passes from lush green & dense jungle. While passing the jungle one comes across the largest water body of Aravalli Mountain range (Kodra Dam built by East India Co. during 1937 and is main source of water supply for Mt. Abu).

(4) Golden Horn Chimney – 4 Kms long trek (one side) / 4 to 5 Hrs., Walking through the spur of huge mountains passing through the old cart road of Mount Abu which is believed to the path before the British Rule in India. It is believed the route was used to bring huge blocks of marble required for construction of The World Famous Delwara jain Temples. While passing the trek you can see deep valleys and a dense mall which is marked as Tiger Path by Forest Dept. of India. Few lucky travellers might get a glimpse of wild life like sloth bear or leopard in
this region.

(5) Surya Kund
(6) Chandra Kund – Girwarji
(7) Plummy the Mountain

Full Day Treks

(1) Heavens Water Fall –
(2) Gautam Rishi Ashram
(3) Jalandhar Peak

01 Night 02 Day Trek

(1) Uttrej – Shergaun – Vastanji